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    Winycam Repic - Portable Mini DVR Package Includes
    - Built in Wide Angle Lens
    - Cigar adapter car charger
    - 4 Gigabyte SD Card
    - AC Adapter
    - Video Cable
    - Built LCD screen
    - Shock Detection
    - Rechargeable battery
    - Mounting Bracket to install Winycam Mini DVR

    Winycam Repic - Portable Mini DVR | Built In Camera & LCD
    - Vehicle DVR Black Box schools, police and military
    - CCTV surveillance for office and private shop security
    - Black Box DVR for car accidents
    - Record lectures at school
    - Record counselling session or medical care at hospital
    - Capture video / images for leisure or extreme sport
    - Monitor babysitters
    - Car parking monitors

    LCD: 1.8 Inch TFT
    Lens: 1.79mm (F2.0) pinhole
    View Angle: Normal 60° / With conversion lens Horizon: 115°, Diagonal:150°
    External Camera: User 12V 150mA
    Image Sensor: 1/4 inch CMOS CAMERA, 300,000 pixel
    Minimum Lux: 1 LUX
    Recording: MPEG4, H.264
    Video In/Out jack: NTSC / PAL COMPOSITE (1.0 Vpp, stereo jack)
    1CH Jack Use only AV cord
    Audio In/Out jack Built-in high sensitivity microphone, 1CH Stereo Jack
    Monitor Resolution 160 x 128

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