Firmwareupdate Vantrue Element 2

    • Offizieller Beitrag
    • Release time: 2023-09-08 21:24:20
    • Version: E2_VT-ECH211
    • File size: 43M

    Update Log

    DOWNLOAD: E2_VT-ECH211 (New)2023-09-08

    1. 1. Add OTA feature.

      2. Fixed some bugs.

    E2_VT-ECF301 2023-07-05

    1. 1. Optimized pause recording to reduce the SD card error.

      2. Adjusted the threshold for high-temperature shutdown.

      3. Updated German translations.

      4. Added a 10-minute automatic Wi-Fi menu shutdown feature.

      5. Added screen brightness adjustment functionality.

      6. Added a high-temperature warning prompt.

      7. Added the ability to enter parking monitoring mode with ACC hardwire kit connected when the car didn't detect any movement for 5 mins, and added an ACC icon.

    E2_VT-ECE081 2023-05-23

    1. 1. Add automatic shutdown function at high temperatures to solve the problem of deformation of the casing under high temperature;

      2. Optimize the current of the power supply and improve the stability for the rear camera connection;

      3. Solve the problem of “stuck and restart” when changing the resolution in sequence.

    E2_VT-ECA061 2023-03-23

    1. 1. Added WiFi mode selection in boot guide.

      2. Optimize SD card writing.

      3. The earliest time for manual setting can be set to 2020.

    E2_VT-ECB141 2023-02-22

    1. 1. Increase the pre-recording time from 5 seconds to 15 seconds in parking mode.

      2. Remove the automatic turn off function of WiFi.

      3. Solve the SD error problem after the SD card is formatted.

      4. Optimize the WiFi connection.

      5. Fix some bugs in time lapse recording mode and time setting.

    E2_VT-ECA061 2023-01-14

    1. 1. Optimize WiFi connection.

    E2_VT-ECA031 2023-01-05

    1. 1. Add 3 WiFi modes in current version:

      Always on

      WiFi Auto Off after 5 mins

      WiFi Auto Off after 10 mins

      2. Optimize the Bluetooth connection function of the remote control.

    E2_VT-EBK161 2022-11-19

    1. 1. Korean Added.

      2. Optimize the icon display.

      3. Fixed some issue.

    E2_VT-EBJ141 2022-10-18

    1. 1. Add a new G-Sensor locking mechanism.

      2. The video encoding format is changed from H264 to H265.

      3. Card formatting reminder sound was added.

      4. Optimized the parking mode.

      5. Added "Turn on/off Wi-Fi " in Japanese voice commands.

      6. Fix some bugs.

    VT-EBH311 2022-09-02

    1. 1. Remove the time zone of -4:30 because there is no city matching.

      2. The translation of ON was changed from Sobre to Encendido in Spanish.

      3. Optimize the prompt frame after WIFI connected.

      4. In screen saver mode, when the SD card is full, the screen will turn on and pop prompt.

    E2_VT-EBH042 2022-08-05

    1. 1. Add prompt ICON for button. 2. Optimize the parking monitoring function;

      3. After Wi-Fi is turned on, remote control will be shield to increase the stability of Wi-Fi.

      4. Optimize the Wi-Fi connection interface

    VT-EBG201 2022-07-22

    1. Fixed a bug when dash cam is in low bitrate/low frame rate recording, the icon will show again and again.