Firmware VANTRUE S1 VTS10D.V3

  • VTS11F.V11 (New)2021-06-29 DOWNLOAD

    1. 1. Low Bitrates Recording was added in Parking mode ( If it is on, the dash cam will keep recording at 720P 15FPS if it doesn't detect any movement in 5 mins. It will be exit if it detects any shock)
      2. Polish added.

    VTS10J.V10 2020-11-24

    1. Changed some settings in parking mode. When cars are moving at speed of 15KM/H or more for more than 10 seconds, the dash cam will exit the parking mode.

    VTS10J.V9 2020-11-24

    1. Fixed some bugs in exiting the parking mode. Added time mechanism, when cars are moving at speed of 5KM/H or more for more than 10 seconds, the dash cam will exit the parking mode.

    VTS10F.V7 2020-07-16

    1. 1.Fixed a bug where GPS will update the timezone automatically. After the fix, the timezone won't be updated automatically after connecting to GPS.
      2.Fixed a bug where a white bar will occur on files interface after a file is deleted.

    VTS10J.V8 2020-10-20

    1. Fixed some bugs on parking mode.

    VTS10F.V6 2020-06-23

    1. 1. It will show "please wait" when returning to the previous interface after users press the files menu. Users action will be invalid when "please wait" occurs.
      2. Decreased the sensitivity of motion detection.
      3. Fixed a bug where, after entering the files menu and deleting files, users won't be able to return to the previous interface by single pressing M button, it would take double pressing the M button or pressing the mic or next button to return.
      4. Fixed a bug where the dash cam will jam when returning to the last video from first video or normal user actions after 256GB Samsung SD card is full.