How to recover video material from SD card auto video recorder?

  • Good afternoon! An unpleasant incident happened to me. My samsung 64 gb sd card from my dashcam is not working. There was important material on it. The card does not display in the recorder itself. If you connect the card to your PC, the system says that the card is damaged and needs to be formatted.

    After a bit of googling, I realised that special programmes were needed to restore it. I even tried a few, but didn't get the desired result ....

    Does anyone know how to help me? :question_mark:

  • After a week I managed to get my material back to 90%.

    I came across this video on YouTube.

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    At first I scanned with a free version of the programme. The programme Hetman Partition Recovery found all my lost material, but I managed to restore only 90% of it. A small part of it was damaged. I bought the software and restored my files. I'M GLAD!!!

    Thank you very much to all those who tried to help me with the problem ).

    All the best )Hetman Partition Recovery