Technische Daten GT75S

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    The GuardTrak GT75S is suitable for a wide range of applications,
    whether it be for personal, fleet, transport or motorsports all of our
    GuardTrak in vehicle car cameras have been designed in Australia and
    built specifically to suit our harsh conditions

    The advanced image processing available in the A7-LA50 processor
    raises the performance level above that of ordinary car cameras and
    still features the same great features and functions of our other

    The GT75S camera features the following components, selected due to
    the superior quality and outstanding performance offered, combined with
    class leading performance and our own fully featured firmware platform

    • Full HD 1080p30fps @ 20Mbit/sec
    • ARM11 700MHz Ambarella A7-LA75 processor (USA)
    • Aptina AR-0330 CMOS sensor (USA)
    • 7 element all glass lens (6 Glass + IR cut filter)
    • Dual MicroSDHC memory(2 x 32GB, 64GB total)
    • U-Blox G7020 GPS (Switzerland)
    • Samsung DDR3 memory(Korea)
    • Domintech DMARD07 G-Sensor with power save function (Taiwan)
    • ASAHI KASEI Delta-Sigma audio circuit (Japan)
    • 12/24 volt direct input
    • CELL=POWER low battery safety cut off module
    • High Definition 2” LCD display (Taiwan)
    • Super capacitor safety power supply (Korea)
    • High Density ABS+PC composite chassis
    • Designed for high temperature, high humidity environments
    • Quick release mount bracket
    • Screen mounted design to cut unwanted reflection
    • All black design for discrete installation

    Ich habe die Daten einfach von der Herstellerseite übernommen. Hier der direkte Link dort hin. Dort sind noch weitere Daten über diese Cam zu finden.


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